Pay What You Wish Invoicing

Hi Play uses a “Pay What You Wish” payment model where you, the client, determine the value of the services and what value you are able to pay. We began testing this philosophy in the winter of 2020, then in 2021 we embraced this model as it aligns with the heart of Hi Play’s desire to help every family that we are able to, regardless of their budget.  

We believe that an occasional lesser amount will be offset by those who are able to share financial abundance. Our community gives freely when they are able to, knowing how it serves the bigger picture of supporting families.  

Here’s how our invoicing system operates:

After Hi Play completes services or arranges to deliver products, you will receive an email with your “Pay What You Wish Invoice Estimate” This invoice provides a suggested retail amount as a base for knowing the fair market value.  If you feel that the value of Hi Play’s services is exceptional, the last line – “Pay What You Wish” provides some suggestions for an optional gratuity. If, for whatever reason, the suggested price in the estimate is not what you feel was the value of your services or is not what you are able to pay at this time, you can send a payment for whatever amount works for you. Please note that for products, that we may have a minimum requirement (especially for products that we do not make). If you need a payment plan, please just ask and we can set that up.

For payment, our preferred method is e-transfer to avoid service fees. If you need to use a credit card, please reply with the total amount you can pay. Because we are charged a processing fee, a 3% administration fee will be added to your invoice and a new invoice with the payment link will be sent.  

Once your payment is processed, a final invoice (marked as paid) will be sent with the “Pay What You Wish” line amended to adjust the total payment received.   If you have any questions about your “Pay What You Wish” invoice or our payment model, please don’t hesitate to call, text or email us.  

With only more love,
Amanda Raichelle

Pay It Forward

If our "Pay What you Wish" model resonates with you and you'd like to learn more about "Pay it Forward" to help others, or supporting us on an ongoing, please send us a note!