Our Philosophy & Pricing

We believe that play makes our community a better place.
As the researcher Dr Stewart Brown says,  
  “The opposite of play is not work,  the opposite of play is depression.”  
Play is vital for learning, stress relief, recovering from trauma, connecting families & communities, and more!  

At Hornby Island Play, our heart is to see diverse learners of all ages be able to access opportunities and fun materials.
Our goal in providing coaching and resources is that everyone is included, no matter their abilities.  
Pay What You Wish pricing allows anyone to be able to play, regardless of their finances.  

Pay It Forward

If our model resonates with you and you'd like to "Pay it Forward" so that we can serve more people, consider sending a "gratuity", or an ongoing donation weekly or monthly. 

For e-transfer,  send to admin@hiplay.ca