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Why Play?

"Play is a child's work" - that's what we learn in Early Childhood Education, but really play is SO much more...

Do adults need play too?

 As we get older we may start to feel guilty about playing. We might think that it's only for competitive sports, or that it's childish, a waste of time. We're busy with more important things, responsibilities.

We live in culture that celebrates achievement through hard work and late nights to get ahead. Brené Brown writes about how our worthiness is often tried to our productivity. That "ultimately, it's unattainable behaviour and it has dangerous side effects, including burnout, depression, and anxiety."

 “The opposite of play is not work,  the opposite of play  is depression.”
Researcher Dr Stewart Brown, in his book, Play, shares that play"renews our sense of optimism" and that "play is what lifts people out of the mundane".  

Play does more than just help us feel better.

Dr Brown reviewed the research stating "studies of early dementia suggest that physical play forestalls mental decline by stimulating neurogenesis"

He goes on to share how a few more studies "show a relationship between continued use of puzzles, playful exercise, games, and other forms of play and resistance to neurodegenerative disease"

So yes! Play is critical for everyone.

At Hi Play we support the whole family to live more playfully.
 Through educational toys, activities, resources, classes and mentorship - we have so many creative tools in our tool box to empower and inspire everyone!


Professionals and Parents: Individual family sessions, tutoring & group classes.

Educational Toys

Hippie Dough, Wood Puzzles, Discovery Toys, and more! We love finding & making learning materials to meet your learner's unique needs. 

Creative Play

Music, movement & art. We learn best through hands on play. In person, outdoor, or over video. Group & private classes and toy workshops. Customized for you!

Book a Session

Let's chat about what supports we can offer to help empower and inspire you and your family. 

Hi Play’s Pay What You Wish Philosophy & Pricing

We believe that play makes our community a better place.  Play is vital for learning, stress relief, recovering from trauma, connecting families & communities, and more! At Hornby Island Play, our heart is to see diverse learners of all ages be able to access fun opportunities and materials. Our goal in providing mentorship and resources is to help include everyone in play, no matter their abilities.

Our Team

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Play Partner, TBRI Practioner

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